Orichalcum Age

Nurad’s Orichalcum Age was defined by Wonder. The Five Mechanicians Guilds had risen to power and, with the new technology afforded by Perygra’s Municipal Charms, they were able to make leaps and bounds in all areas of Thaumaturgic Science. Using a Creation relic that contained seeds and Genesis Technology, they recreated Rice, Maize, Blueberry bushes, and several other plants in Perygra’s Hydroponic Garden Modules. Fed by the nigh endless streams of junk flowing into the Harvester’s Recycling Engines, Perygra’s Factory Cathedrals turned out seemingly endless streams of artifacts, increasing the quality of life by leaps and bounds.

Explorer and her Nomads received of this bounty as well, gaining improved battle and exploration gear, longer lasting (and better tasting) rations, and other amenities. They continued to fulfill the duties of both Regulators and Explorers over time, even while Explorer faced continuing pressure to become Nurad’s Second City. Eventually, between Estasian Raids, population pressures, and Perygra’s invention of the Avatar Launching Silos, Explorer acquiesced and became Nurad’s second City, guarding the main entrance into The Cavern of Smoke. As soon as her Avatar Silos were built, she continued to shepherd her Nomads on their rounds. To this day, Enrex remains preoccupied, her attention often focused more on her exploring Avatar or her metaphysical exploration of her link to Autochthon.

Nurad’s technology continued to progress both during and after the shake ups caused by the Great Convocation. The Five Mechanicians Guilds broke up, with the administrators going off to form the Olgotary and the rest becoming the Sodalities. Enrex’s Nomads also gained an official place in the hierarchy, becoming a subcaste of the Sodalities responsible purely for scouting and exploration. The Capital was also moved to Enrex at this point, so that Perygra could concentrate more on the amazing arcane science that had been developed. Golems and Automata performed much of the less critical manual labor, allowing the people to concentrate on praying to Autochthon. Genesis Technology had created many new breeds of rats, including cute ones for pets, larger ones for milking, smart ones for message runners and spies, even Rat beastmen. While every Citizen had jeweled implants which allowed them to simply think to communicate with anyone else in the city, or even to talk to the city, some others had prosthetic limbs that were even better than their original ones or mental implants that improved their brain functions. Farms of Creation’s plants, including some of Creation’s animals (reverse bread from rats), filled the floor around Perygra.

By 2300, they were even working on transferring a human mind and soul into an automaton body, so that everyone could live forever, making everyone a kind of lesser Alchemical.

And then the disaster happened.

Orichalcum Age

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