Sublime Computational Strategist

Orichalcum Caste Visionary General


Basic Character Information

Name: Sublime Computational Strategist



Visionary Autochthonian General

To protect her nation and and the people serving under her.

Anima Appearance:
Golden lightning, arcing in geometric patterns reminiscent of cicuitry


c Str 3     c Cha 5    f Per 3
f Dex 5     o Man 3    c Int 5
o Sta 3     o App 2    f Wit 5



Arch 5     Inte 0     Craf *     Athl 3     Bure 3
Mart 0     Perf 2     Inve 0     Awar 5     Ling 1
Mele 5/8     Pres 3     Lore 1     Dodg 0     Ride 0
Thro 0     Resi 0     Medi 0     Larc 0     Sail 0
War  5     Surv 0     Occu 0     Stea 0     Soci 2


Archery: Crossbows +1
Awareness: Spotting Ambushes +1
Bureaucract: Efficient Management +1
Investigation: Library Research +1
Lore: History +1
Melee: Beam-Klaives +3
Performance: Inspiring Oratory +3
Presence: Maintaining Morale +1
War: Strategy +2



Autochthonian Old Realm
Classical Old Realm
Nuradi Battlecant (linguistics specialisation)



Artifact 5
Backing (Olgotary) 3
Class 4
Command 3
Eidolon 3


Comp 2 (Channels: 2/2)
Conv 3 (Channels: 3/3)
Temp 3 (Channels: 3/3)
Valo 2 (Channels: 2/2)

Primary Virtue: Temperance

Clarity: 0

Social Combat

Willpower: 7/7

Join Debate: 6

Dodge Mental Defense Value: (Willpower + Integrity + Essence )

Parry Mental Defense Value:

Positive Intimacies:


Negative Intimacies:

Total Intimacies: 3

Physical Combat

Join Battle: 6

Join War: 9

Dodge DV: 2 (Dex + Dodge + Ess /2)

Parry DV: 5 (Dex + Melee + Spec + Ess /2)

Soak: 8A/8L/6B (Natural 0A/0L/2B + Armor 8A/8L/6B)

Hardness: 3A/3L/3B

Health Levels:

-0:[ ]
-1:[ ][ ][ ][ ]
-2:[ ][ ][ ][ ]
-4:[ ]
In:[ ]
Dy:[ ]


Name Spd Acc Dmg Def Rng Rt Tags Notes
Punch 5 +1 +0B +2 0 3 N -
Kick 5 +0 +3B -2 0 2 N -
Clinch 6 +0 +0B – 0 1 NCP -
Beam-klaive 5 +2 +5L/2 +3 0 3 O -
Onslaught crossbow 5 +3 12L/2 – 300 2 2,B,O Fitted with Tri-socket Adapter


Anima Effects:

Essence: 2

Personal:    1/15 ((Essence x3 + Willpower )

Peripheral: 35/46 ((Essence x5 + Willpower x3 + Virtue x2)

Installation Costs: 14

Committed: 11

Recovery: /hour normal, /hour relaxed, /hour resting.


Bonus Points: 15

Bonus Point Expenditures:
Backing 2 & 3 - 2 points
Eidolon 3 - 1 point
Class 4 - 2 points
War 4 & 5 - 4 points
Command 3 - 1 point
Speciality 5 – 5 points
Willpower 6 & 7 – 2 points
Conviction 3 – 1 point
Total = 18 points

Total Experience:


Spent Experience:


Banked Experience:

Free Charms:


Experience Expenditures:

Essence 3 – 18 xp

Charisma 5 – 12 xp

General Charm Slot – 6 xp

General Charm Slot – 6 xp

Charm (Comprehensive Pedagogue Matrix) – 6 xp

Charm (Tramscendent Multimodal Artifact Matrix) – 6xp

Dexterity 4 – 9 xp

Dexterity 5 – 12 xp

General Charm Slot – 6 xp

Charm (Sixth (Attribute) Augmentation – Essence Imprinted) – 6xp

Stamina 3 – 6xp

Melee 3 – 4 xp

Melee 4 – 6 xp

Melee 5 – 8 xp

Awareness 3 – 4 xp

Awareness 4 – 6 xp

Awareness 5 – 8 xp

Charm: Second Intelligence Excellency – Free

General Charm Slot – 6 xp

Wits 5 – 12 xp<7p>

Strength 3 – 6 xp

Archery 4 – 6 xp

Archery 5 – 8 xp

Other Stuff

Magical Gear

Tri-socket adapter (Artifact •••) – Fitted to Onslaught Crossbow
Orb of the Strategos (Elemental Core/Artifact ••••)
Beam-Klaive [Optional rules: Beamklaives ]
Onslaught Crossbow
General’s Regalia

Mundane Gear

Custom Crunch

Generals Regalia
(Stats: Orichalcum Breastplate)
(Appearance: A synthetic leather long-coat, with thick orichalcum piping, buttons,
epaulets and other rank-insignia denoting a high rank in the Nuradi Regulators)

Soak: +8L/6B
Hardness: 3L/3B
Mobility: -0
Fatigue: 0
Cost: •
Tags *


This bright-golden, orichalcum and Adamant orb flashes with
intricate, dark-purple patterns. This Core provides the commander of
any battle with profound insights into the likely course of
events and how he can use his troops to best effect. When
in mass combat, the player can pay 5 motes to roll the character’s (Wits
+ War) as a Speed 3, -0 DV action: Every two successes
scored (round up) adds 1 to her unit’s Valor, and every
four successes (round up) adds 1 to all of the unit’s other
dice pools involving mass combat. If this stone raises
the combat unit’s Valor above 5, the soldiers become
temporarily immune to fear and will not fail any Valor
checks until their Valor falls to 5 or lower.
The commander must be able to communicate
with her troops to grant them these benefi ts. Also, all
bonuses are reduced by one every 6 mass combat ticks.
Bonuses gained from successive rolls do not stack, but
higher rolls can supplant earlier rolls at the bearer’s
option. Charms (including Excellencies) cannot be
used to improve the (Wits + War) pool, but the character
can channel Virtues to do so—Valor is always
appropriate, and Conviction normally is.



Cost: 2m per success [1m]; Mins: (Attribute) 1, Essence 1;
Type: Reflexive (Step 1 and 2)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: None
Some circumstances demand maximized effort. Most
require the steadier hand of calculated competence. This
Charm may be purchased once per Attribute and adds bonus
successes to a roll or directly adds to a static rating using
that Attribute.

Attributes Affected:





Cost: — [1m]; Mins: (Attribute) 1, Essence 1;
Type: Permanent
Keywords: Internal
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: None
Alchemical Exalted rarely concern themselves with
training to the same degree as the Chosen of Creation. Like
most aspects of Alchemical existence, such competency
may be installed and summarily discarded when no longer
convenient. This Charm may be installed repeatedly for any
Attribute. Each installation links the Attribute in question to
expressions of a particular Ability, meaning 225 versions of
this Charm technically exist. In the case of Craft, installation
covers all possible actions involving all possible Craft variations
in conjunction with a particular Attribute. In practice,
however, the (Strength + Socialize) model sees considerably
less use than common Attribute/Ability pairings such as
(Dexterity + Melee) or (Charisma + Presence).
Whenever an Alchemical with this Charm takes an action
using its Attribute/Ability pair, she replaces her normal
rating in that Ability with its maximum rating and treats this
value as a natural trait. The actual Ability rating does not
change outside of valid actions, so this Charm can’t be used
to bypass the requirements for Martial Arts Charms (or other
Ability-based Charms in the case of Eclipse Castes).
If a character has a maximum natural rating in an Ability
and retains vat access, she may trade out obsolete purchases
of this Charm for another Alchemical Charm based on the
same Attribute at no experience cost, removing the Augmentation
from her panoply to substitute the replacement.
This can’t be done if the obsolete Augmentation is part of
an Array, however. All experience spent on submodules for
a traded-out Charm is refunded but can be spent only toward
acquisition of Alchemical Charms or submodules.

Affected Attributes + Abilities:

Dexterity + Melee

Cost: 3m [1m]; Mins: Perception 2, Essence 2;
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: None

This Charm fits into the side of the Exalt’s forehead as
a slight metal bulge, with a taut wire running flush across
the skin and reentering just before reaching the eye itself. A
second, internal wire connects to the inner ear. When activated,
the device systematically measures and compensates
for all external penalties to the enhanced attack.

Cost: — [0m (1m)]; Mins: Charisma 3, Essence 2;
Type: Permanent
Keywords: War
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Any Charisma Augmentation

Memory crystal nodules are inserted into ports on the
back of the Alchemical’s head, containing thousands of
years’ worth of collected tactical insights on how to maximize
the potential of close-formation troops fighting in cramped
environments. This Charm has two effects. First, it permits
units with Drill 0 or 1 in which the Exalt is a special character
to assume close formation in mass combat. Second, if a unit
actually has Drill 2+, it ignores all penalties for fighting in
close formation, while simultaneously enjoying the benefits
of relaxed formation.


Close-Quarters Vector Compensator (Wits 4, 3xp): While
fighting in close formation, a unit in which the Champion
is a special character treats all terrain obstacles from narrow
space and limited access as open terrain for the purposes of
movement rate, while retaining cover bonuses for the terrain’s
actual state. The submodule does not adjust for other types
of obstacles. A second installation at (Wits 5, Essence 4)
also negates terrain-based cover advantages when attacking
enemy units in cramped terrain

Cost: — [2m]; Mins: Intelligence 4, Essence 2;
Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Any Mental Attribute Augmentation

This Charm appears as a coin-shaped node on the left
temple, formed of a gold-shifted rainbow alloy of starmetal
and orichalcum. Its power enhances the Alchemical’s capacity
to assist a unit in which she is a special character other
than the unit commander and the commander is another
Alchemical. First, the Alchemical using the Charm counts
simultaneously as a hero, a sorcerer and a relay, with all the
best benefits and options afforded by each role. Second,
the commander may use the Alchemical’s War rating in
place of his own, if the Alchemical’s rating is higher. Third,
whenever the unit acts, both the assisting Alchemical and
the commander may aid the unit by activating one of their
Charms, though this does not increase the number of actions
the unit receives. No Combo is necessary to enjoy this
cooperation, however, allowing both characters to apply
a supplemental Charm to the same attack, for example. If
multiple special characters have this Charm, only one of
them may contribute his War rating and offer a Charm per
action, though all count as triple-role officers as normal.
Effects of this Charm persist only while the unit is arranged
in close formation.


Ally-Integrating Alchemy (Manipulation 3, 3xp): The
Champion may use this Charm to assist units led by non-
Alchemicals, provided the unit leader is not a creature of the
Void. Conversely, Apostates with this submodule can aid only
those commanders who are fellow creatures of the Void.

Cost: — [1m or 0m]; Mins: Stamina 2, Essence 2;
Type: Permanent
Keywords: Obvious, Stackable
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: None

The Champion fortifies his body through the installation
of armored plates, redundant organs, metal bones
and reinforcing struts. This Charm adds either two -1
health levels or three -2 health levels, configured at the
time of installation, and may be installed up to (Essence)
times. Installations past the first two require no installation

Cost: 5m [1m]; Mins: Appearance 1, Essence 2;
Type: Simple (Speed 3)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Internal
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: None

As a complex system of artificial flesh patches and other
mechanisms, this Charm betrays no outward signs of its
presence. It is designed to physically conceal non-Internal
Alchemical Charms, giving as many of them as desired the
Internal keyword for the duration of the effect. Affected
devices retract and compress under the Exalt’s skin through
compartment panels, while her claylike flesh morphs and
spreads to cover the area they previously occupied. As usual,
Obvious Internal Charms reveals themselves for the duration
of use, though only to the degree that is necessary to
perform the Obvious function. To change which Charms
are hidden, the Charm must be reflexively deactivated and
then reactivated normally.

As a final benefit, if all of the Alchemical’s Charms
have the Internal keyword (whether naturally or from use
of this Charm) and she is human-sized, she may
transmute her claylike flesh and blood into a
perfect simulacrum of human physiology and
counter-gravitically compensate for the
weight of hidden Charms so that her heavy tread does not
betray her nature. In toto, the changes allow her to pass as
mortal. An Exalt disguised this way may even retract or modify
the appearance of her soulgem as a reflexive action.

Cost: Varies [1m]; Mins: Wits 3, Essence 2;
Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: None

A complex assembly of alloyed magical material matching
the Champion’s caste is woven across and throughout
most of her body. When charged with Essence, it reconfigures
itself in a clash of pivoting joints and clicking gears,
taking on the form of an artifact-template stored within
the Charm. This artifact is directly attached to the Alchemical’s
body—unless such attachment would obviate its
primary use (such as thrown artifacts)—and is impossible
to disarm without amputating appropriate portions of the
Exalt. Ranged-attack artifacts such as gyroscopic chakrams
may be automatically and reflexively drawn back to the
Exalt through Elsewhere for one mote. The Transcendent
Multimodal Artifact Matrix may take on the form of any
artifact, with the following restrictions:

The artifact’s template must be stored in the Charm.
The artifact’s rating may not be higher than the Alchemical’s
Essence rating. If the artifact can enjoy a magical material
bonus, it must be formed of the Exalt’s caste material. The
artifact must be either mass-produced or an example of a wide
selection of mechanically identical artifacts.

Singular or near-singular artifacts such
as the Daiklave of Conquest or Flying Silver Dream are
not valid. The artifact must not require maintenance or a
hearthstone to power it. The artifact must not be designed
to consume itself upon use. Finally, the artifact may not be
notably larger than the Alchemical.

This Charm’s activation cost is the attunement cost of
the desired artifact configuration, or one mote if the artifact
does not require attunement. It begins with a single Artifact
•• template of the Exalt’s choosing. Additional templates are
downloaded as submodules from the vats for a cost of three
experience points per dot rating of the template.


Hands-free Essence Cannon

Spd Acc Damage Def Rate Range MinStr MinDex MinMA Tags
6 +2 8L/12B 3 100 F, P

Cost: — [1m]; Mins: Stamina 1, Essence 2;
Type: Permanent
Keywords: Internal, Stackable
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: None

This Charm increases the storage capacity of the Alchemical’s
Essence reservoir, adding 10 motes of Peripheral
Essence per installation (to a maximum number of times
equal to the Alchemical’s Essence rating). Like all Charms
that expand a character’s mote pool, Auxiliary Essence
Storage Unit can’t be acquired with the Eclipse anima or
equivalent powers.

Cost: 10m, 1wp [3m]; Mins: Intelligence 1, Essence 3;
Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Training
Duration: Two weeks
Prerequisite Charms: Any Mental Attribute Augmentation, Any Social Attribute Augmentation

A grid of alloyed orichalcum and starmetal mounted on the Champion’s spine houses modular ports for memory crystals, allowing a comprehensive database of educational techniques to be slotted in. This Charm trains an organized social group, whose Magnitude cannot exceed the Alchemical’s (higher of Charisma or Intelligence). This training regimen requires five hours of instruction each day for two weeks in order to take effect, and this requirement must be met with clockwork precision for this Charm to take effect. Each use of this Charm allows the Alchemical to increase his student’s rating in a single trait by one dot, as a Training effect.

The Champion cannot train himself with this Charm. In addition, He cannot train any character’s trait rating above his own rating, nor may he raise any trait’s rating above four. This cannot raise a character’s rating in a trait above their normal maximum value. The traits that the Alchemical is capable of training students in depends upon the submodules he has for this Charm. He is also capable of training students in specialties for any Ability he is capable of training them in, although he cannot train them in thaumaturgical degrees. Purchase of this Charm grants twelve experience points worth of submodules whose trait requirements the Champion meets. Others may be acquired normally.


Capable Soldier Instruction Submodule
Requirements: Charisma 5
The Alchemical may train students in Archery, Martial Arts, Melee, and War.

Covert Operations Instruction Submodule
Requirements: Charisma 5
The Alchemical may train students in Dexterity, Dodge, Stealth, and Thrown.

Sense Intuition Instruction Submodule
Requirements: Intelligence 5
The Alchemical may train Perception, Wits, Awareness, and Investigation.

Submodules (12 XP total)

Ally-Integrating Alchemy 3 xp
Close-Quarters Vector Compensator 3 xp

Total: 6 XP
XP left: 6 xp

CRM – Army of Autochthon:

The Army of Autochthon
Total Capital 31
Size 6
Competence 4
Influence 7
Wealth 7
Reach 7
Special Assets: too many to list. Assume that, for these purposes, they more or less cancel out hers, though you do have three Alchemicals you can deploy to specific battlegrounds, each giving +5 successes.