Relentless Pursuit of Monstrosities


Name: Relentless Pursuit of Monstrosities

Caste: Soulsteel

Concept: Metal Xenomorphs

Motivation: To rid Autocthon of all rogue elements

Positive Intimacies: Beacon (Best Friend/Transportation), Mirror (Other Best Friend)
Experience: 20/99


f Str 4 o Cha 1 c Per 4
o Dex 5 c Man 3 o Int 2
c Sta 4 f App 3 f Wit 3



Arch 0 Inte 0 Craf * Athl 3 Bure 0
Mart 5 Perf 0 Inve 0 Awar 3 Ling 0
Mele 0 Pres 3 Lore 1 Dodg 4 Ride 0
Thro 0 Resi 2 Medi 0 Larc 2 Sail 0
War 0 Surv 3 Occu 0 Stea 3 Soci 0


Martial Arts (With Extreme Prejudice +1)
Survival (Enemy’s Hunting Ground +1)
Stealth (Horror Movie Monster +1)
Athletics (How’d You Get Up There? +1)
Resistance (Shrugging it off without notice +1)
Presence (Intimidation +1)
Awareness (Prey +1)
Integrity (Unsettling silence +1)
Martial Arts (Onboard Weaponry +2)
Dodge (Against Gremlins +1)





Class ●●●●●
Artifact ●- Soulsteel Breastplate, Hearthstone Bracers
Charm ●●●●●- Accelerated Response System (Dodge configuration), Piston-Driven Megaton Hammer,

Aim-Calibrating Sensors, Recursive Fractal Targeting Calculations, Chemical Fog Generator
Backing (Olgotary) ●●●
Artifact ●- Terror Projector


Name Cost Type Duration Page

Dedicated Slots (7/8):
0m- Transcendent Multimodal Artifact Matrix
2m- Optical Shroud
0m- Aura Dampening Component
1m- Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus
2m- Optical Enhancement
1m- Piston Driven Megaton Hammer
1m- First Dexterity Augmentation

General Slots (6/6):
1m- Accelerated Response System
1m- Precalculated Evasion System
1m- Manifold Transhuman Implants
1m- Chemical Fog Generator
1m- First Strength Excellency
1m- Sixth Perception Excellency (Investigation)

1m- Integrated Artifact Transmogrifier
1m- Aim-Calibrating Sensors
1m- Recursive Fractal Targeting Calculations

Charm Choices:
Precalculated Evasion Systems- Dodge
Transcendent Multimodal Artifact Matrix- Tiger Claws, Clockwork Companion (2 dots)

Mutations from Manifold Transhuman Implants:
2mp: Impossible Joints ( +2 Stealth/Athletics for creepy-joints)
2mp: Scorpion's Tail ( +2 Athletics, may attack with tail )
4mp- Cheetah's Pace- ( +6 Dexterity for moving during combat, +6 Strength for jumping distances, 
+3 die to rolls representing competitive running, long term movement per horse relay, 
but all full-speed movement requires you to go on all fours)

Optical Enhancement- Flash Shutters, Light-Intensification Filters, Telescopic Lens
Piston-Driven Megaton Hammer- Optimized Demolition Vibration
Chemical Fog Generator- Tear Gas



Compassion ● □
Conviction ●●●● XXX□
Temperance ●●● XXX
Valor ●●●● □□□□

Primary Virtue: Conviction

Clarity: XX□□□□□□□□

Social Combat

Willpower: □□□□□ □□□□□
Dodge Mental Defense Value: 4

Physical Combat

Join Battle: 6

Dodge DV: 7

Soak: B:10 L:10 A:8
Soak (Piercing): B:7 L:6 A:4
Hardness: B:3 L:3 A:3

□ -0
□□ -1
□□□□ -2
□ -4
□ Incapacitated
□□□□ Dyying

Knives, Knives Everywhere: Speed 5, Accuracy 18 ( +1 with extreme prejudice ), Damage +9L, Defense +2, Rate 3, Attune 6, Tags: M

Scorpion Tail: Speed 5, Accuracy 14 ( +1 with extreme prejudice ), Damage +6L, Defense +2, Rate 2


Anima Effects:

Essence: 3

Personal: 7/7/19

Peripheral: 37/37/53

Committed Essence: 4- Hearthstone Bracers, 2- Breastplate
Committed Charms: 6- Transcendent Multimodal Artifact Matrix, 4- Optical Shroud

Essence Regeneration: 10/14 Resting

Magical Gear

Soulsteel Breastplate
Hearthstone Bracers
Terror Projector

Mundane Gear

Custom Crunch

Custom Charms

Custom Procedures



*5bp- Willpower 10
*4bp- Martial Arts 5
*2bp- Dodge 4
*3bp- Dedicated Charm Slot
*1bp- Martial Arts (With Extreme Prejudice +2)
*1bp- Stealth (Horror Movie Monster +2)
*1bp- Conviction 4
*1bp- Valour 4

Bonus Submodule


  • 6xp- Clockwork Companion Template
  • 2xp- Optimized Demolition Vibration
  • 6xp- Tear Gas

Bonus Specialties

*Martial Arts (With Extreme Prejudice +1)
*Survival (Enemy’s Hunting Ground +1)
*Stealth (Horror Movie Monster +1)
*Athletics (How’d You Get Up There? +1)
*Resistance (Shrugging it off without notice +1)
*Presence (Intimidation +1)
*Awareness (Prey +1)
*Integrity (Unsettling silence +1)
*Martial Arts (Onboard Weaponry +1)
*Dodge (Against Gremlins +1)

*4xp- Survival 3
*4xp- Intelligence 2
*3xp- (With Extreme Prejudice +2)
*6xp- Ally 2 (Mirror)
*4xp- Dedicated Slot
*2xp- Tear Gas (4xp discounted through submod xp)
*6xp- Temperance 3
*4xp- Dedicated Slot
*6xp- First Strength Excellency
*18xp- Essence 3
*6xp- Sixth Perception Augmentation
*4xp- Dedicated Slot
*6xp- Integrated Artifact Transmogrifier
*4xp- Dedicated Slot

Total: 71


Shopping List

  • 5xp- Investigation 2
  • 5xp- Bureaucracy 2
  • 6xp- Athletics 4
  • 5xp- Integrity 2
  • 12xp- Dynamic Cloaking Module x 12

Relentless Pursuit of Monstrosities

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