The Five Magnificent Sodalities of Penultimate Truth and Intransigent Gospel are the heirs to the various craft guilds, secret societies, and enlightened engineers that came before. Only they posses the secret of Exaltation, which gives them the same status as the other parts of the government. As a group, they tend to be fairly secretive about their methods, as this is where their status comes from, but due to a series of reforms instituted a few centuries ago, they’ve become better at sharing amongst themselves.

As a group, the five Sodalities have a council board which oversees all matters that pertain to all of the Sodalities and serves as their voice on the Tripartiate Assembly. Generally speaking, most Sodality members would rather jump into an industrial metal grinder than deal with complex international politics, so they mostly serve as a tie breaker between the other two groups of the Tripartiate. That said, they do protect their own powers fiercely, including the right to investigate and punish infractions against their own various codes of conduct. These codes mostly conform to secular law as well as covering more specific varieties of sabotage, negligence, and unauthorized secret sharing, but have very different penalties as well as a few rather idiosyncratic rules. These codes are normally kept secret from outsiders, which irritates the Regulators and Preceptors to no end.

All Sodality members must have Craft, Lore, and Occult equal to their Backing. Bureaucracy and Socialize equal to (Backing -2). Most will also have at least one Thaumaturgical degree for every two dots of Backing, round down.

Rank Titles

Backing Luminor Conductor Harvester Scholar Surgeon
1 Junior Mechanic Junior Mechanic Junior Mechanic Junior Mechanic Junior Mechanic
2 Senior Mechanic Senior Mechanic Senior Mechanic Senior Mechanic Senior Mechanic
3 Junior Engineer Junior Engineer Junior Engineer Junior Engineer Junior Engineer
4 Senior Engineer Senior Engineer Senior Engineer Senior Engineer Senior Engineer
5 Artisan Prospector Chef Inventor Doctor

Glorious Luminors of the Brilliant Rapture

Rank: Sodality, Backing (Luminors) 1+, Class 3+

Duty: The Luminors are responsible for Soul tracking, lighting and heating systems, and fire fighting. They also monitor the stocks of Orichalcum.

Requirements: Must have Craft (Air, Fire) equal to Backing and Performance equal to (Backing-2)


The Luminors are the craftsmen responsible for making light. As Autochthon’s world body was largely dark before humans arrived, this is not a task that they take lightly, treating it with a reverence that verges on pomposity and a theatricality that is largely unnecessary. As most citizens take the light produced by the cities for granted, this reverence is taken for self-importance and excessive pride, until the lights go out. As such, they’re job is to keep the Anima Flare Generators operating, Orichalcum Mirrors polished, and Arc Lamps functional. Because all of these requires Orichalcum, they have become associated with this metal and are responsible for watching over the stockpiles of both it and gold.

Fire-fighting is also one of their duties, as it’s connected to the making and dousing of light. While the cities are made of metal and crystal and thus largely inflammable, the same cannot be said for the conduits containing oil or various gasses. When one of those spills or lights on fire, the Luminors are counted upon to handle it.

Lastly, the Luminors are the ones who keep the soul records. They’re responsible for reading a soul, looking up the records, and determining the person’s caste. While the records checking and initial sorting are done by junior Luminors, the final decisions are made by highly respectecd and trustworthy senior Luminors. Originally, it was a serious task which was not taken lightly. Now, as each soul has anywhere from 50 to 250 incarnations on record, it’s largely a matter of routine handing out the same caste that’s been given so many times before, with only the occasional heroic soul worthy of Exaltation to brighten the proceedings.

In addition to choosing the Alchemical’s soul and Caste, the Luminors maintain the secrets of the complex temperature formulas needed to catalyze the vat fluids and clay body of the Alchemical into life. Thy are associated with Light, Orichalcum, Lightning, and the color yellow.

Illustrious Conductors of the Consecrated Veins

Rank: Sodality, Backing () 1+, Class 3+

Duty: The Conductors are responsive for Exploring the Reaches, Mining, and ensuring that the pipes and conduits are properly maintained.

Requirements: Must have Craft (Earth, Wood) equal to Backing and Survival equal to (Backing-2)


In Autochthonia everything is carried via conduits. Food. Water. Air. Essence. Metal. Everything needed for life. It is the job of the Conductors to ensure that these conduits work properly and go in the proper directions. In the cities, one of their main jobs is driving the tram systems that provide rapid inter- and intra-city transport. But they also ensure that all of the cities conduits are in working order, from the most hair thin starmetal essence conduit, to the largest of oil pipes. As starmetal wire is crucial to the functioning of these conduits, they have also become the custodians of this rare and precious substance.

In the Reaches, their job is very different. While every Sodality maintains a few repair teams trained in Reaches survival, the Conductors are the only group that travels them on a regular basis. They serve as explorers and miners, redirecting the flow of conduits to provide needed resources to the cities. In many cases, this is what the Populat thinks of when they think of the Conductors, those who venture out and bring back food.

They also retain the secrets of connecting up the 888 wires that connect an Alchemical’s Soulgem to the forged and catalyzed body, allowing the Exalt to fully awaken.

Pious Harvesters of the Hallowed Flesh

Rank: Sodality, Backing () 1+, Class 3+

Duty: The Harvesters are responsible for preparing the Nutrient Paste that all citizens eat and recycling everything that is broken, discarded, or dead.

Requirements: Must have Craft (Water, Wood) equal to Backing and Resistance equal to (Backing-2)


Everything wears out over time and must be fixed or replaced. It is the Harvester’s job to take the worn out old junk and recycle it into new materials. They do this for everything in Autochthonia, from broken factory parts to excrement, from dead rats to dead bodies, every kind of trash is theirs to deal with. As Jade is both easy to recycle and catalyzes a number of reclamation processes, they’re also tasked with watching over that material.

The Harvester’s association with trash brings them to a number of other, oddly related jobs. For example, they are the hairdressers and manicurists, as both jobs involve removing potentially useful materials from people. They’re also the main practitioner’s of Alchemy in Autochthonia, producing, among other things, Arsil thread, Arlet cloth and Anbar blocks for the manufacturing plants.

However, what is arguably their most important job and certainly the one the Populat remembers, is their connection with food. They are responsible for converting raw nutrient paste into the edible substance that gets squeezed onto plates for the citizens of the cities. In other Nations, high ranking Tripartiate members get specially made, Alchemically modified versions of this that taste much better than the common glop one receives in the Populat cafeterias. In Nurad, everyone is simply thankful that there’s enough common glop to go around.

The Harvesters retain the knowledge of the special fluids that fill the vat complexes. It is this mix of exotic chemicals and essence charged liquids that helps convert base clay into the living body of the Exalted.

The Prolific Scholars of the Furnace Transcendent

Rank: Sodality, Backing () 1+, Class 3+

Duty: Build and maintain all the tools, charms, buildings and other items used in Autochthonia

Requirements: Must have Craft (Earth, Fire, Magitech) equal to Backing and Craft (Air) equal to (Backing-2)


The Scholars are the major designers and builders of Autochthonia. They produce the factories that make the things used in the cities. They build the tools and basic parts the other Sodalities use. And, most importantly, they build the charms for the Alchemical Exalted.

The Meticulous Surgeons of the Body Electric

Rank: Sodality, Backing () 1+, Class 3+

Duty: Keep the populace in good health, both by bringing them clean air and water and by healing them when they fall sick.

Requirements: Must have Craft (Air, Water) equal to Backing and Medicine equal to (Backing-2)


The Surgeons heal the sick and operate the air and water purifiers that keep the cities clean.

As an extension of their medical duties, the Surgeons see to the various water and air conduits that serve the cities. While the Conductors are responsible for keeping the conduits in one piece, it is the Surgeons who design the routes and ensure the purity of their contents, building the advanced filtration systems which are so important in Nurad.


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