Rank Titles

Backing Plutarch Regulator Adjudicator
1 Assistant Clerk Officer Judge
2 Clerk Sergeant Senior Judge
3 Administrator’s Assistant Detective Justice
4 Administrator Inspector Senior Justice
5 Statesman Captain Magistrate


Rank: Olgotary, Backing (Plutarchs) 1+, Class 3+

Duty: Ensure the proper running of the City/Nation

Requirements: Must have Bureaucracy, Socialize, and Presence equal to their Backing. Craft and Lore equal to (Backing -2).

Description: The Plutarchs are the lawmakers and planners of Nurad’s government. They take the data given by the Directors and Supervisors, combine it with the information gathered from their own sources (often undercover spies placed in various groups), and, via complex statistical models, determine the complex scheduling system which lets Nurad continue to serve The Great Maker and keep themselves alive.

As part of this duty, they also determine which Municipal charms are going to be needed on a weekly basis, with the city’s input, of course. Thus their job also covers city planning, with the architects of the Plutarchs often working closely with the Scholars.

As an extension of this urban planning, they also handle some of the social planning, passing laws to ensure the smooth running of their cities and nations.

The Plutarchs commonly wear a colored Arlet sash to indicate their rank, which area of information they handle, and a number of other aspects about their duties. Otherwise, their clothing is the same as that of the Populat.


Rank: Olgotary, Backing (Regulator) 1+, Class 3+

Duty: To Protect and Serve

Requirements: Must have Awareness and Resistance, as well as one of Archery or Melee, equal to their Backing. Investigation and Presence equal to (Backing -2)

Description: The Regulators are Nurad’s police force and form the backbone of their armed forces. Junior Regulators are all assigned to specific locations to handle the routine day to day issues that occur there. Senior Regulators are promoted to Investigator and specialize in specific types of crimes. They often work with the Preceptors, who handle any necessary undercover work.

Additionally, when war threatens, the Regulators are the ones who compose the Militia, along with some lightly trained members of the Populat, if needed. They also handle guard duties, such as protecting areas from gremlin raids, which has improved their reputations in Nurad over the other nations, to the point that some of them are respected heroes.

The Regulator uniform is a black Arlet buff jacket. Most such uniform jackets in Nurad are well used and often have signs of repairs, though Nuradi craftsmanship is such that their protective value is unchanged. They are issued a hand crossbow (using either fowling or target bolts, as needed) or pair of tonfa, depending on which training course they’ve completed. When war threatens, they are issued short swords.


Rank: Olgotary, Backing (Ajudicators) 1+, Class 3+

Duty: To ensure that the accused are properly sentenced and that the laws are properly clear.

Requirements: Must have Bureaucracy, Integrity, and Investigation equal to their Backing. Lore and Performance equal to (Backing -2)

Description: Once an investigation has been carried out and a criminal arrested, either by the Regulators or Preceptors, they are turned over to the Adjudicators. After assessing the evidence and assuring that the investigation was carried out properly, the Adjudicator checks over the laws and sentences the criminal justly.

When judging a crime, all Adjudicators wear identical masks and Arlet robes to hide their identity (though in Nurad, the masks are made of Anbar instead of gold). The Adjudicators keep meticulous records as to who judged what and carry out reviews every few years, but everyone else needs to trust that, on the stand, every Adjudicator speaks for all of them. When not on the job, they wear the standard Populat uniform, knowing that their Soulgems mark their caste.

Additionally, every time a new law is passed by the Plutarchs, the Adjudicators study it to ensure that it meets their exacting specifications (which mostly boil down to “Is it needed?” and “Is it clear?”) before they vote on whether or not to send it back or allow it into law.


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