National Character

The Nuradi are a seeming contradiction. In some areas, they are constantly innovating. In others, they seem to stubbornly resist all change. They work hard, yet they still give more of themselves. Many visitors from other nations find these seeming contradictions baffling, yet, like many other things, the reasons become clear, when you look at their history.

Nurad’s original settlers found a place that, while it had great potential, was just about as inimical to human life as Autochthonia gets without killing you instantly. The raw nutrient paste was loaded with killing impurities. The water was brackish and the air stagnant. The natural resources consisted of broken parts, instead of raw metals. To survive here, they had to learn fast and innovate quickly, inventing things like air purifiers and Ponres. However, once they had a working solution, these same environmental pressures tended to produce a resistance to changing it, as no-one really wanted to find out the hard way that the existing solution was the only one that worked.

This has given rise to the Nuradi slogan “Be sure it’s broken before you fix it.” When a situation is determined to necessitate change, they innovate very quickly, a skill they developed from using the broken parts in new ways and passed down through the generations. While these skills haven’t always been equally valued during the nation’s history, they continue to be taught, as, if nothing else, they are invaluable for rescue workers and emergency repair teams.

These origins also produced a closeness amongst the settlers, a shared camaraderie between those who went through hell. Born from a knowledge that, if they didn’t all work together, they would all die, they developed a very close-knit culture. The various segments of society and groups of workers all try to take care of each other, help out when one of the group can’t make it for awhile, etc.

One might think that such a culture might be fatalistic and plodding, but the Nuradi people know that they have been tested and not found wanting. They have faith that Autochthon will not send them tests that they cannot handle with skill, knowledge, and hard work. Though, this faith and optimism has been sorely tested of late, it remains, by and large, intact.

Naturally, not everyone in Nurad lives up to these ideals, nor have they always been set in stone. For example, during the more prosperous times in Nurad’s history, the Nuradi government tended to play down the innovation angle, as everything was working fine. However, during this time of need, the propagandists have emphasized these traditional Nuradi values, to better cope with the current crisis.

National Character

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