Rank: Class 0

Duty: Do what they tell you.

Requirements: Be a criminal

Description: The lowest Autochthonian class is that of the Lumpen. They are, basically, slaves and generally get given the work that is too hard or dangerous for the Populat to do.

There are two ranks of Lumpen. The first rank is composed of people convicted of major misdemeanors or minor felonies. They are simply demoted to Lumpen status but might, potentially, work their way back up to Lumpen or even their previous class ranking.

Those convicted of major Felonies are either Exiled (see below) or have their souls and minds drained (via the Personality Override Spike), reducing them to little more than a soulless husk. Said soulless creatures can still do simple work and are used in very dangerous tasks. They do not generally live particularly long.

Tunnel People

Rank: Class 0 (May have Backing and/or Reputation)

Duty: Varies

Requirements: Be a criminal or the descendant of criminals

Description: The Eight Nations have a tradition of exiling their worst criminals into the Reaches to survive or die on their own. Over time, various groups of these people have banded together to form communities of various sizes and levels of success. As they usually do not have Champions, these communities tend to be at the mercy of the various spirits, gremlins, and other hazards of the Reaches. As such, they are often short lived.

Or, at least that’s what the Official Story is anyway.


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