Historical Figures

Laimis – Born in the year 350 after the Departure, Laimis would rise from a position as a modestly influential city-planner to become one of the greatest leaders of Nurad’s Tripartite Assembly. A master of logistics, probabilistics and of magitech, he was responsible for implementing several highly successful new doctrines, and is commonly connected to the development of the PONRE (although this is apocryphal). In any case, Laimis is one of the great heroes of Nuradi history.

Isa Riezl – Isa Riezl was one of the first great leaders of the Nuradi Regulators, responsible for ferreting out several Void cults, driving back gremlin-assaults, and subduing several notorious embezzling rings. She’s known for her stern application of the law, but also for an unflinching dedication to fairness and justice.

Mikhail Relikt – The latest of Strategist’s incarnations, Mikhail Relikt was a consummate politician, diplomat, and negotiator. He helped broker trade-agreements with other nations, and played an important part in keeping Nurad out of the main fighting during the Elemental War by subtly pitting the other nations against each other.

Tal – A Regulator who loved her job. She enjoyed the fact that her work defended people and always favored the peaceful resolution when it was possible. She was caught up in an Apostate’s rebellion, when her squad of Regulators led and supported by an Assembly met his soldiers. Though she was just one, she did the work of Protector and Medic, shielding a squad leader from blows while stitching his injuries. Though she died, their leader was able to rise and give the order to charge, breaking a major line in battle.

Jek – A worker who maintained order in his factory during a major power outage by leading them in prayer to the Great Maker. Though starving by the start of the second day, and the stench of the dying and dead was stifling, they outlasted the outage.

Let – A mouse-ish woman who went on expeditions with a Champion, serving as his second in most respects. She coordinated the efforts of the fellows with him, aiding in many field operations. In the end, she rallied the remnants of the forces when all hope seemed lost and their Champion seemed to have fallen. Though she and her fellows barely survived, those that did hailed her as a hero and she was commended by the Champion himself.

Nikas – A grand warrior who was rumored to be unbeatable in a sword fight. He led an army, himself, against those forces of the Wastes that would do blasphemous and evil things. Though he was no Champion, he would be remembered in great esteem by everyone of who heard of his exploits. When he fell in battle , they could not find the wound that killed him. They proclaimed, sadly, that if they had more men like him,all wars would be easily won.

Historical Figures

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