Frontier Era

Long Ago, before the Exodus, Nurad was one of Autochthon’s high priests. His tribe of Northern Nomads, the Angians, were dedicated, not to strength and power, but cleverness and tools. They followed Nurad to Autochthonia in search of new lands to explore and new puzzles to deal with.

Journeying far through Autochthon’s insides, they rejected several possible sites, before settling on The Cavern of Smoke as presenting a good challenge. How right they were. Much work was necessary before the cavern was habitable. During the early years, many lives were lost before adequate filtration masks and food and water refining methods were developed, including Nurad himself. While some lost hope, others persevered, eventually creating both the start of the air filtration network and the first Ponre. It was only after these developments that Nurad, reborn as Endless Reaches Explorer, returned to her people.

It was during these early years that the tribes started to question their nomadic ways. Nurad’s second Alchemical, Perfected Hydraulic Grace, was the reincarnation of one of the five original Demiurges. She advocated for creating a permanent base at the center of the Cavern, where they could more easily develop the infrastructure they needed to provide clean air, water, and food. Explorer simply noted that it was also necessary to go out to gather resources and watch for hostile spirits and nations (Estasia had been worryingly outspoken lately). Eventually a compromise was reached. Grace built a permanent settlement at the center, while Explorer led the people who wished to remain nomadic. Originally many more people wished to remain nomads, but, over time, as Grace’s infrastructure grew, more and more stayed, producing a thaumaturgic boom town.

During the First and Second Unification Wars, Explorer’s nomads distinguished themselves well, developing into a a corps of good survivalists and warriors, ready for anything. Grace’s thaumaturges and artificers, meanwhile, devised new weapons and equipment to help their brothers in arms stop the invaders.

After 500DA, word filtered back to Nurad about the new Alchemical Cities, piquing Grace’s interest. From reading the reports, she deduced that charms on that scale would allow her to achieve unheard of levels of production and development, increasing her intellect to amazing new heights. She wouldn’t rest until she discovered how to do it.

And, in 580DA, she did, becoming the city of Perygra, situated on the site of her original town, and sparking Nurad’s Orichalcum Age

Frontier Era

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