Current Events

Slightly over a year ago, the National Assembly of Nurad met together to discuss the situation of Nurad. According to their reality modeling equations, supply projections, and enthusiasm heuristics, their Nation will break down irretrievably in anywhere from five to ten years, based on just how severely they enforce rationing. Looking for any possible solution to the problem, no record, no matter how seemingly tangential or insignificant, failed to be examined. During this search for a solution, a statistical anomaly was discovered.

It seemed that several high ranking citizens, of various types, had all recently died, of various causes. All of these citizens had souls that were judged to be worthy of being Alchemicals and, upon further inspection of their records, each of them had been a great Nuradi hero at one point in time. Viewing this as a sign from Autochthon, a batch of Alchemicals was commissioned, despite the strain it put on their stores. After all, without taking some risks, it could take 15 years they don’t have to find a solution.

Thus, was the Assembly of the Shining Tomorrow formed!

During the three months since they were commissioned, a propaganda blitz has hit Nurad, transforming them into a symbol that tomorrow will be better than today! They’ve become a symbol of hope to a nation that was lacking it! They’ve helped restore determination, drive, and that never give up spirit that Nurad was once famous for.

Let us hope that they can fulfill these promises.

Current Events

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