Orichalcum Caste

  • Millionfold Tool of the State: Inventor/Warrior/Statesman. A powerful Colossus, he has been serving Nurad with unmatched Excellence for over 2,000 years. While he advocates straightforward military solutions to most problems, he is capable of subtlety when necessary. His name comes from his Transcendent Multimodal Artifact Matrix, which is believed to contain every known artifact.
  • Infinitely Elegant Weapon: Warrior/Gremlin Hunter. She regularly explores the reaches with Mechanic in search of Gremlins to annihilate.

Moonsilver Caste

  • Svelte Licentious Desire: Infiltrator/Propaganda Bait. Until recently, the nation’s second best infiltrator, she can charm anyone.
  • Enthusiastic Agile Mechanic: Explorer/Repairwoman. Her chosen task is exploring the Reaches in search of resources and broken machinery.

Jade Caste

  • Industrious Guardian of All: Regulator/Protector. Usually serving as a troubleshooter or rescue worker, Guardian protects the citizens of Nurad with skill and a joking demeanor that reassures everyone.
  • Relentless Engine of Progress: Craftsman/Motivational Speaker. She assists the Populat in meeting seemingly impossible deadlines and various other moral boosting activities.
  • Inspiration Without Tire: Lector/Councilor. A deeply spiritual person, Inspiration serves as a councilor and friend to any in need. Regardless if it’s for religious instruction or simply someone to talk to, he’s always happy to lend an ear.
  • Kinesthetic Inventor of Automata: Production Engineer. She is a Colossus who tends to split her time inventing new artifacts and using powerful productivity enhancing charms to build needed items in record time, usually on-site.

Starmetal Caste

  • Lissome Avid Engineer: Inventor/Repairwoman. An expert in all forms of craftsmanship, she assists all of the Sodalities in their duties, designing and building everything, from basic necessities to wondrous artifacts.
  • Analytic Weaver of Truth: Propagandist/Analyst. One of the associates of the national propaganda board, she assists them in compiling, sorting, and analyzing data.

Soulsteel Caste

  • Grim Champion of the State: Regulator/Boogieman. One of the best Regulators in Nurad. It is said that, if he is on your case, it is best to just turn yourself in now.
  • Undeterred Paragon of Faith: Priest/Weaver. This Colossus is Nurad’s foremost Protocol Weaver and religious scholar. Paragon knows The Tome of the Great Maker by heart.

Adamant Caste

  • Ever Reflecting Mirror: “Administrative Assistant” and “Troubleshooter”/Monster’s Not-Boyfriend. An Adamant Caste that Monster found following the Assembly in the Crystal Vault. The both of them being duty-minded Alchemicals often called on for solitary deployment, they found friendship in their similarities. He works for Divine Minster Ku. Mirror, as he likes to be called, has an anima banner of six robotic looking wings, made from light and crystal.


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