Warden Charged with Expansion


Basic Character Information

(Note. Anything with a strange mark to it has not been implemented yet. ~)

Name: Warden Charged with Expansion

Player: Ian

Aspect/Caste: Jade

Concept:  Guardian of the People

Motivation:  Ensure Nurad’s defense and the prosperity of its people.

Anima Appearance: Cogs united in the raising of buildings and arches, triumphant flashes of people gathering in service of the Maker, and various other affairs that speak of unity and greatness.


o Str ●●●oo c Cha ●●●●● f Per ●●●oo
f Dex ●●●●o o Man ●●ooo o Int ●●●●o
c Sta ●●●●●● f App ●●●●o c Wit ●●●●oo


o Arch ooooo o Inte ●●ooo o Craf ●●ooo o Athl ●●ooo o Bure ●oooo
o Mart ooooo o Perf ●●●oo o Inve ●●ooo o Awar ●●ooo o Ling ●oooo
o Mele ●●●oo o Pres ●●●oo o Lore ●●ooo o Dodg ●oooo o Ride ooooo
o Thro ooooo o Resi ●●ooo o Medi ●oooo o Larc ooooo o Sail ●●●oo
o War ●●●oo o Surv ●oooo o Occu ●●ooo o Stea ooooo o Soci ●oooo


Athletics – Lifting Objects +2
Awareness – Detecting Ambushes +2
Integrity – Torture +1
Investigation – Finding Concealed Objects +2
Lore – The Reaches +2
Medicine – Infections +1
Melee – Swords +3
Occult – Supernatural Etiquette +2
Performance – ‘Leading Prayer’ +1
Presence – Gentle Persuasion +1
War – Siege Tactics +1
Languages: Autobotland (Native), Old Realm



Personal Artifacts (Artifact ●●) – 6 dots worth of Artifacts
Jade Breastplate of the Defender ● – Marked heavily with icons of industry and victory, this armor is well-known for its service on those Champions that preferred the heavier protection some light armor could offer.
Jade Elemental Core Socket ● – Around Warden’s neck hangs a jade coiled wire that holds a Jade elemental core into place.
Magnetic Metrocore ● – This red-black, iron-gray stained ellipsoid gem allows an attuned wearer to find their way to the nearest Alchemical City. It also provides entry to its city of origin.
BeamReaver Daiklaive ●●● – This jade Reaver Beamklaive is Warden’s leatest weapon!
Backing    ● – In the Theomachracy, Warden is recognized as one who has potential to be of even greater service.  She works with the people more often than she tends to religious functions, though she has been learning (and remembering).
Charms ●●● – Three charms
Class ●●●●● (Free) -  Warden is fairly proven for one so new.  She can be seen drilling Regulators as often as she can be seen tending to the needs of the weary Populat. Still, for a Champion, she’s still one that has yet to do something major. They watch her progress carefully. Nevertheless, Warden is still a respected and obedient Champion, albeit one who still has proving to do.

Combat and Exploration Artifacts (Artifact ●●) – 6 more Dots worth of artifact
Kektirok’s Grace (Battle-Ready Aerial Skiff) – (Page 216 of Alchemicals; Has +10L/10B soak) This partially crystalline (the designer claims it makes it more aerodynamic) Aerial Skiff is Warden’s flagship. It is what Warden will use in the future for aggressive negotiations.

Crawlspace Creeping Unit – (Page 215 of Alchemicals) Lets Warden crawl around on solid surfaces (for four motes or one willpower) at five yards per tick. Otherwise just remains calmly useless as a harness.

Contacts ● – Warden’s interactions in Perygra

Command ●● – Warden commands a reinforced platoon of soldiers that she drills regularly.

Eidolon ●●● – Warden has a natural bond with the mortals she was that goes beyond her comprehension.


Name                                Cost              Type              Duration          Page
Fourth Stamina Augmentation 0m(1m) Permanent Permanent Alc 120 FAV
Optical Enhancement 0m(2m) Permanent Permanent Alc 158 FAV
Pain Suppression Nodes 0m(1m) Permanent Permanent Alc 133 FAV
Subcutaneous Armor Plating 0m(1m) Permanent Permanent Alc 134 GEN
Light-Etched Interceptor Barrier 4m Reflexive One Scene Alc 134 GEN
Fourth Wits Augmentation 0m(1m) Permanent Permanent Alc 120 FAV
Man-Machine Weaving Engine xx(1m) Permanent Permanent Alc 170 GEN (CANNOT BE REMOVED) (Crystal)
Aura Dampening Component 0m(0m) Permanent Permanent Alc 157
Unconditional Imperative Programming 5m(1m) Reflexive Instant Alc 145 FAV
Industrial Champion Icon xx[4m](1m) Permanent Permanent Alc 145 FAV (Crystal)
Emotive Aesthetics of the Body Electric(1m) Permanent Permanent Alc 151
Radiant Iconography Array xx Permanent Permanent Alc 151
Second Charisma Augmentation 2m(0m) Reflexive Instant Alc 119 FAV
Sixth Dex Augmentation 0m(1m) Permanent Permanent Alc 120 FAV
Integrated Artifact Transmogrifier 5m(1m) Simple 3 Indefinite Alc 154 FAV
First Perception Augmentation 1m(1m) Permanent Permanent Alc 119 FAV
Husk-Sculpting Apparatus 6m,1wp(2m) Simple Indefinite Alc 155
Optical Shroud 3m(2m) Reflexive Indefinite Alc 156
Universal Pilot Key 3m,1wp(1m) Simple Indefinite IMUC 83 GEN
Unobtrusive Repartee Baffles — Permanent Permanent Alc 147

Charm Choices: Subcutaneous Armor Plating (Subcutaneous), Sixth Dexterity Augmentation (Melee)


Optical Enhancement
-Flash Shutters
-Cross-Phase Scanner
-Light-Intensification Filters
-Diagnostic Overlay
-Motion Tracking Targeting Glance

Husk-Sculpting Apparatus

Emotive Aesthetics of the Body Electric
-Dormancy Emotive Upgrade

Light-Etched Interceptor Barrier
-Emergency Overcharger



-Phlogiston Web (Page 193)
-Summon Machine Spirit (Page 194)


Comp ●●●●o (Channels: 4/4)
Conv ●●●oo (Channels: 0/3)
Temp ●●ooo (Channels: 2/2)
Valo ●●ooo (Channels: 2/2)

Primary Virtue: Compassion

Clarity: ●●oooooooo

Social Combat

Willpower: ●●●●●●oooo

Temporary Willpower:  5

Join Debate: 6

Dodge Mental Defense Value: 6 (Willpower 6 + Integrity 2 + Essence 3)

Positive Intimacies: The Great Maker, Regulators, Populat, Yasuka, The Assembly

Negative Intimacies: The Void and Accompanying Heretics (OBLITERATE!)

Total Intimacies:  6

Physical Combat

Join Battle: 6

Dodge DV:  5 (Dex 4 + Dodge 1 + Ess 4)

Hardness:   0A/0L/0B

Soak:         0A/5L/9B (Natural 0A/3L/6B)

Armored Soak: 6A/11L/13B (Jade Breastplate of the Defender +6A/6L/4B)

Health Levels:

Minus 0:[ ]
Minus 1:[ ][ ]
Minus 2:[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
Minus 4:[ ]
Incapac:[ ]
Dying :[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Name                 Acc Dmg PDV Rng Rt  Speed  Tags  Notes
Punch 5 3B 4 0 3 5 N -
Kick 4 6B 2 0 2 5 N -
Clinch 4 3B – 0 1 6 NCP -
Generic MA 4+ ?B 3+ 0 ? 5? – -
Generic Melee 7+ ?B 4+ 0 ? 5? – -
Generic Sword 10+ ?L 5+ 0 ? ? -
-Sixth Excellency 12+ ?L 6+ 0 ? ? – -
Generic Thrown 4+ ?B 3+ 0 ? 5? – -
Generic Ranged 5+ ?B 3+ 0 ? 5? – -
Hand Crossbow 5 4L – 75 1 5 BP –
Reaver Beamklaive 12 11L 5 0 2 4 O Beam
-Sixth Excellency 14 11L 6 0 2 4 O Beam


Anima Effects: Adds Essence to Bashing and Lethal Soak.

Essence: ●●●●o

Personal:    7/7/18 ((Essence x3=)12 + Willpower 6)

Peripheral: 37/37/46((Essence x5=)20 + (Willpowerx3) 18 + (Compassion 4 x2)8)
Installation Costs: 11

Committed: 1 to Elemental Core Amulet, 2 to Jade Breastplate of the Defender, 6 to Beamreaver

Recovery: 1/hour normal, 5/hour relaxed, 9/hour resting.


Bonus Points: 18

Bonus Point Expenditures: 18

2 Melee Specialties (Swords +2)
War 2>3
Dodge 0>1
Integ 1>2
Sta 4>5
Pre 2>3
Per 2>3
Comp 3>4 (1 point)
Conv 2>3 (1 point)
WP 5>6 (1 point)

Total Experience: 157

Banked Experience: 4

Experience Expenditures: 153

Four Free charms (4)
Two Free Crystal Charms(2)
Two Free Protocols (2)
one dot of Contacts
Three dots of Artifact

Dedicated Charm Slot (6) (24 XP)

Charm (2) (18 XP)
-Light-Etched Interceptor Barrier
-Universal Pilot Key
-Unobtrusive Repartee Baffles

Submodules (12 XP)
Emergency Overcharge Submodule (3 XP)
Diagnostic Overlay (6 XP)
Self-Sculpt Submodule (3 XP)

Essence (45 xp)

Essence Rating 3 (18 XP)
Essence Rating 4 (27 XP)

Attributes (39 XP)

Manipulation 2 (4 XP)
Appearance 4 (9 XP)

Charisma 5 (12 XP)

Intelligence 4 (12 XP)

Abilities (17 XP)

Sail 0>3 (9 XP)
Lore 1>2 (2 XP)
Craft 0>1 (3 XP)
War: Siege Specialties (3 XP)

Artifacts/Backgrounds (0 XP)

Paid for by starting 10 Submodule XP
Dormancy Emotive Upgrade (4 XP)
Motion Tracking Targeting Glance (6 XP))

Other Stuff

Magical Gear

Jade Breastplate of the Defender
Jade Elemental Core Amulet
Magnetic Metrocore

Jade Beam Reaver (
Speed 4, Acc +2, +8L/2, Def +0, Rate 2, Attune 6 (Overwhelming)

Mundane Gear

Custom Crunch


Custom Charms


Custom Procedures


Appearance- Warden’s skin is an emerald color, with blue lines that slip down her limbs, whitening as they approach her hands and feet. She is of average height and weight for a Champion, though easily dwarfed by those that favor modifications and naturally larger ones like Beacon. She wears a cloak, though the hood is almost always down; she just prefers how it billows and the sort of class that it suggests. She has been told that people like a Champion who works and dresses well. She wears her dark blue hair braided and long, hardly concerned if it will be grabbed in a fight or used against her. After her latest visual upgrade, Warden is looking very well. Her have been buffed up and shined properly as to enhance her overall appearance, and she seems a little more imposing…even though she’s still shorter than Beacon and Justice. It’s rumored as part of an image revision she has mastered new charms that allow her better blending abilities.

More and more often, she has been appearing with lavender colored hair in disguised human form. So much is her fixation on being human, these days, that she often has made appearances to assist without making it obvious (until asked) that she was a Champion. Even with her new charm additions becoming more and more obvious (the Adamant ring around her soul gem, being a big one), she continues to exploit her stealth and disguise modifications to ensure that as many of these charms as possible remain hidden…

Background and Notable Mortal Incarnations:

— Tal was a member of the Militat who didn’t really get on with the ways of her caste; competent as she was she just hated the thought of slaying another being. Relegated to the position of cook for a caravan and berated on a daily basis by her Commanding Officer, many would have thought she would have gone to join the Tunnel People by now. Loyally serving the group and begging the mercy of the Great Maker for her doubts, she, one day, found herself tested. Her commanding officer fell in a Gremlin attack and she tended to him with her relatively pathetic knowledge of medicine. Though he died in her care, she stood him up and shouted as lot as she could, commanding her fellows as her Commanding Officer would. She would go on to honor him as a Commander and to take up his command. Though it would be seen as an insult and her rank never would be free of doubt, Tal went on to be a skilled commander who understood the complexities of many situations and was inspiring to those beneath her.

-Jek was a worker who maintained order in his factory during a major power outage by leading them in prayer to the Great Maker. Though starving by the start of the second day, and the stench of the dying and dead was stifling, they outlasted the outage.

-Let was a mouse-ish woman who went on expeditions with a Champion, serving as his second in most respects. She coordinated the efforts of the fellows with him, aiding in many field operations. In the end, she rallied the remnants of the forces when all hope seemed lost and their Champion seemed to have fallen. Though she and her fellows barely survived, those that did hailed her as a hero and she was commended by the Champion himself.

-Nikas was a grand Nuradi warrior who was rumored to be unbeatable in a sword fight. He lead an army, himself, against those forces of the Wastes that would do blasphemous and evil things. Though he was no Champion, he would be remembered in great esteem by everyone of who heard of his exploits. When he fell in battle , they could not find the wound that killed him. They proclaimed, sadly, that if they had more men like him,all wars would be easily won.

Nurad realized it did need those who could fight, as well as those who could stand guard when the wars were over and ensure the Populat would be safe, comfortable, and (most importantly) efficient. Their Champion was well suited for what they would need of her. Warden’s first words upon exiting the tank were prayers to the Great Maker, and she led the technicians along in prayer. She made herself famous in working for the Theomachcracy, learning from it’s priests and helping the Populat meet the needs of the State. As a Champion, she just as often drilled the soldiers as she inspired the masses for works projects or assisted in religious affairs.

Warden Charged with Expansion

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