Superior Intelligence Processor etc

Superior Intelligence Processor for the Manifold Forms of Informative Espionage and Reconnaissant Endeavors


Name: Superior Intelligence Processor for the Manifold Forms of Informative Espionage and Reconnaissant Endeavors
(if that’s too long, call him Superior, he likes that)
Player: Lazarillo
Caste: Moonsilver
Concept: Either hyper-competent or a hyper-idiot
Motivation: Weed out and eliminate all enemies of the nation of Nurad, especially the Disavowed Apostate.


O Str 3
C Dex 5
O Sta 2
O Cha 3
F Man 4
C App 4
F Per 4
F Int 4
C Wit 5


O Archery 0
O M. Arts 4
O Melee 0
O Thrown 0
O War 1
O Integ 2
O Perform 1
O Presence 0
O Resist 0
O Survival 0
O Craft 0
O Investi 3
O Lore 1
O Medicine 0
O Occult 1
O Athlet 4
O Aware 3
O Dodge 1
O Larceny 3
O Stealth 5
O Bur 1
O Ling 0
O Ride 0
O Sail 0
O Social 0

M. Arts: Crystal Chameleon Style +1
War: Outnumbered +1
Integrity: Being Unimpressed +1
Performance: Sappy Poetry +1
Presence: Suave +1
Occult: Void +1
Athletics: Flashy Acrobatics +1
Larceny: Spotting a snitch +1
Stealth: In plain sight +1
Socialize: Carousing +1


Artifact: 3
(Regulators): 2
Charms: 4
Class: 5
Eidolon: 1
Familiar: 2


Compassion: 2/2
Conviction: 2/2
Temperance: 3/3
Valor: 4/4

Willpower: 7/7

Join Battle: 8
Dodge DV: 5
Parry DV: 7
Soak: 7B/6L/5A
Hardness: 2B/2L/2A
Social Combat:
Join Debate: 8
Dodge MDV: 6
Parry MDV: 2

Name: Spd: Acc: Dam: Def: Rng: Rate: Tags: Notes:
Moonsilver Whip 5 11 11B 7 — 2 M, R 3 attunement cost
(as Dire Chain)

Health Levels:
-0: []
-1: [] []
-2: [] [] [] []
-4: []
In: []
Dy: []
Essence: 2
Personal Essence: 4/13
Peripheral Essence: 36/39
Committed: 3
Installation Costs: 9m


Experience: 62 (1 unused)
4: Raise Stamina to 2
4: Added Dedicated Charm Slot
9: Raise Valor to 4
44: Four Martial Arts Charms

Bonus Array/Submod XP: 12 (8 unused)
4: 1st Dexterity Augmentation + Dynamic Reaction Enhancement System

Expanded Backgrounds:
1: Moonsilver Dire Chain
1: Foglamp Crystal
3: Discreet Moonsilver Essence Armor
4: Amulet of Shadow Walking
Superior keeps the company of a bat-like machine spirit. The creature is capable of minor reconnaissance missions and is small enough to be resonably stealthy. Like typical bats, it is incredibly well-attuned to sound.

Name: Cost: Type: Duration: Page:
First Dexterity Augmentation 1m/die[1m] Reflexive Instant Alc. 119
Dynamic Reaction Enhancement System 2m[1m] Supplemental Instant Alc. 141
Personal Gravity Manipulation Apparatus 4m[1m] Reflexive One Scene Alc. 139
Gyroscopic Stability System 2m Reflexive One Scene Alc. 139
Integrated Artifact Transmogrifier 5m[1m] Simple Indefinite Alc. 154

First Perception Augmentation 1m/die[1m] Reflexive Instant Alc. 119
Secondary Sensory Upgrade: Tympanal Receptor Nodes 4m[1m] Simple One Scene Alc. 160
Deception Recognition System 4m[1m] Reflexive Instant Alc. 160
Perfected Lotus Matrix -[2m] Permanent Permanent Alc. 170

Electrification Onslaught Dynamo 1m+[1m] One Scene Simple Alc. 123
Anticipatory Simulation Processor 1-3m[1m] Reflexive Instant Alc. 158
Multiphase Divinity Regulator 2m[1m] Reflexive One action Alc. 168

Martial Arts:
One Wire Among Many 4m Supplemental Instant GoMH: Maidens 25
Light-Treading Technique 3m, 1wp Reflexive One Scene GoMH: Maidens 26
Flashing Passage 2m, 1wp Supplemental One Action GoMH: Maidens 26
Crystal Chameleon Form 6m Simple One Scene GoMH: Maidens 26


The plant was going to melt down in within hours. If they couldn’t find a way to slow the degradation down very, very quickly, an entire sector would be lost. Information was still being kept under control, but if they still wanted time to have everyone evacuate calmly, they would have to act soon. Their faces were grim. They all looked around the room neverously. There were no answers. Then, suddenly, Noeves, engineer 4th class, literally kicked down the door, dashed in the room, and grabbed the overseer by the front of his shirt. “How am I supposed to WORK with the STUPID TELEFRAGAMETER OVERHEATED!? And how am I supposed to DO anything about it, when there’s a STUPID GUARD saying I’M NOT CLEARED TO GET IN!?” This was really not what they needed at this moment. They tried to pull Noeves from the overseer, but he wouldn’t let go. “Look, this custom heatsink is all it needs. If you want me to get any WORK done today, you can put on by yourself. Maker knows your orders have been nothing but problems for me in the last few hours.” He set the overseer down and placed a small device in his hand. Then stormed out of the room mumbling about how he wasn’t going to be able to stay on schedule at this rate.

Everyone had been saved.
Back alleys are no place for respectable kinds, but Noka considered the attempts he made to reach out to and rehabilitate the sorts who frequented these places as part of his sacred duty. This had earned him a certain amount of respect and and rank within the Theomachracy, but while no one would begrudge him for his strength of character, the recognition he received earned him no small number of envious enemies. Few individuals were willing to act on such enmity, of course, but his rival Mosa was strong in resolve if lacking in appropriate motivations.

“This is really the perfect spot, don’t you think, Noka? The Lumpen of our nation are hardly a trustworthy lot. It’s a shame they’d do something so horrible to a person of your caliber.”

“So it really comes to this, my peer? An assassination?”

“A disappearence.”

Noka felt it inappropriate to concern the Maker with a prayer for his own meager well being, but couldn’t help but let one whisper from his lips regardless. If Autochthon heard his words, no one would know, for certainly, neither man there at that time did, because the scream that pierced the air drowned them out completely. A young woman came racing towards them, arms outstretched in panic. “MAKER, SAVE ME, IT’S A RATTTTTTTT!!!!!” The pattern of impact as her arm came into contact with Mosa would probably be best described as…a perfect clothesline. It was only the feeling of that sudden impact that stopped her.

“Oh…Master Noka, good da—hmm? Oh crap. Oh crap, oh crap. Ohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrap. Y’really did it this time, Janni. You clocked Master Mosa. Oohh, that nosebleed doesn’t look good. Oh maaaaannnn. M-Master Noka, I, I mean, I, I didn’t…”

“Be calm child. I’ll see Master Mosa is treated properly. Be on your way, lest that terrifying rodent returns!”

“Rode—oh NO! It’s huge! It’s after me!” The girl ran.

Mosa recovered, of course, but apparently the blow was quite disfiguring. He was forced to retire to to a more ascetic life, as his appearance was ill-suited for a public, political life.

It seems his assailant was never caught.
The investigator scratched her head again. “Run that by me one more time,“ she said. Her adjundant calmly carried out the order.

“Patrol officer Corne was out at 0200 last night, when he was accosted by a drunken citizen. The citizen was later identified as foreman Fabul. Fabul confessed to Corne that he had recently joined a Void Cult, and was going to bomb the factory he headed in two days time. Fabul was immediately arrested, and when his claims were checked, Regulators found the explosive devices in his office along with material linking him to several other officials. Arrests are being carried out now, and the Apostate head of the cult is being dealt with by our Champions.”

“Yes, yes”, the investigator replied, “that’s just so strange, but it was the other part that I really need to hear again to believe.”

“Fabul had a companion with him, who was also interrogated. During the interrogation, the circumstances of the confession were revealed. On the official report it says ‘So anyway, I tell Fabul it would be totally gnarly to find a Regulator and just yell our craziest secrets in his face. I kinda tripped over my own feet so he ran ahead. Man, what’s this all about, anyway? Musta been something really juicy! Heheheh’. Then, the report says he belched.”
Pohsyb adjusted his glasses. This…couldn’t be coincidence, could it? This would certainly be the soul needed to produce an incredible Champion. He continued reading. “Well,” he chuckled just a bit, “that one had to be an accident. Probably. Hmmmm…”

The Superior Intelligence Processor for the Manifold Forms of Informative Espionage and Reconnaissant Endeavors is the exact opposite of what one would consider a model citizen in the ailing nation of Nurad. He spends most of his days carousing, occasionally sneaking into areas he has no business entering only to brag about how easy it was to do. He has been seen acrobatically flinging himself around rooftops and performing other feats of spectacle that seem to serve no purpose. No less than three times a week, Luminor Pohsyb, who selected the Soul Gem that would serve has the basis for his personality, has been found in his office, openly weeping for no apparent reason.

And yet, by all accounts, he may have had a direct hand in saving the patropoli and metropoli of Nurad at least 4 times in few months since his commission, and no one’s qutie sure how. The “Processor” as many in the Tripartate have taken to calling him (though he prefers “Superior”) has turned up critical information on Void cults twice (once during an apparently drunken rant), once been found sleeping atop a large number of destroyed gremlins that wasn’t there an hour before, and when reliable intelligence indicated a bombing attempt that failed to materialize, the Processor was found near the disarmed weapons with a pair of scissors, sweating far more profusely than one would expect from a Champion.

The only thing the Processor did not (probably) perfectly predict and adapt to was the betrayal of his patron, now known simply as the Disavowed Apostate. The coincidental means by which the Processor seems to solve his cases, and this connection, have led many to believe he may, in fact, be an Apostate as well, but suggesting this to him seems to be the one thing that causes him to show how serious he can be as his air of casual indifference becomes one of somber anger. Processor has claimed full responsibility for the escape of the Apostate, and has dedicated himself to atoning for this. Or so he says. His attitude generally does another 180 not long after making such declarations, making it hard for many to believe him.

His attitude does result in him him possessing a certain amount of respect and admiration with the Populat. While many of the Moonsilver caste are feared or mistrusted by the general public, Processor seems to enjoy a certain amount of charisma, though a few find his carefree attitude in the face of disaster to be frustrating. He has also, almost since the day of his completion, developed something of an infatuation with a young and talented Surgeon by the name of Lamir. Whether she returns those feelings is unclear, but when Nuradis find time for small talk, the subject of potential trysts between the two often comes up, though the gossip does not seem to take away from the public esteem of either one.

At approximately six feet tall, Processor is of moderate height for a young champion, though his slender body makes him just as striking to some as many Colossi. His silver hair and pale skin clearly betray his Alchemical Caste, and his proclivity for tight, dark clothing tend to accentuate all these features. He is quite handsome and seems to even have developed a slight crowd of fans as a result of this. He completely lets such things go to his head.

Superior Intelligence Processor etc

Exalted: Hope for a Shining Tomorrow Lazarillo