Basic Character Information

(Note. Anything with a strange mark to it has not been implemented yet. ~)

Name: Warden Charged with Expansion

Player: Ian

Aspect/Caste: Jade

Concept:  Guardian of the People

Motivation:  Ensure Nurad’s defense and the prosperity of its people.

Anima Appearance: Cogs united in the raising of buildings and arches, triumphant flashes of people gathering in service of the Maker, and various other affairs that speak of unity and greatness.


o Str ●●●oo c Cha ●●●●o f Per ●●●oo
f Dex ●●●●o o Man ●oooo o Int ●●●oo
c Sta ●●●●●● f App ●●●●o c Wit ●●●oo


o Arch ooooo o Inte ●●ooo o Craf ●●ooo o Athl ●●ooo o Bure ●oooo
o Mart ooooo o Perf ●●●oo o Inve ●●ooo o Awar ●●ooo o Ling ●oooo
o Mele ●●●oo o Pres ●●●oo o Lore ●oooo o Dodg ●oooo o Ride ooooo
o Thro ooooo o Resi ●●ooo o Medi ●oooo o Larc ooooo o Sail ooooo
o War ●●●oo o Surv ●oooo o Occu ●●ooo o Stea ooooo o Soci ●oooo


Athletics – Lifting Objects +2
Awareness – Detecting Ambushes +2
Integrity – Torture +1
Investigation – Finding Concealed Objects +2
Lore – The Reaches +2
Medicine – Infections +1
Melee – Swords +3
Occult – Supernatural Etiquette +2
Performance – ‘Leading Prayer’ +1
Presence – Gentle Persuasion +1
Languages: Autobotland (Native), Old Realm



Artifact ● – 3 dots worth of Artifacts
Jade Breastplate of the Defender ● – Marked heavily with icons of industry and victory, this armor is well-known for its service on those Champions that preferred the heavier protection some light armor could offer.
Jade Elemental Core Socket ● – Around Warden’s neck hangs a jade coiled wire that holds a Jade elemental core into place.
Magnetic Metrocore ● – This red-black, iron-gray stained ellipsoid gem allows an attuned wearer to find their way to the nearest Alchemical City. It also provides entry to its city of origin.
Backing    ● – In the Theomachracy, Warden is recognized as one who has potential to be of even greater service.  She works with the people more often than she tends to religious functions, though she has been learning (and remembering).
Charms ●●● – Three charms
Class ●●●●● (Free) -  Warden is fairly proven for one so new.  She can be seen drilling Regulators as often as she can be seen tending to the needs of the weary Populat. Still, for a Champion, she’s still one that has yet to do something major. They watch her progress carefully. Nevertheless, Warden is still a respected and obedient Champion, albeit one who still has proving to do.

Command ●● – Warden commands a reinforced platoon of soldiers that she drills regularly.

Eidolon ●●● – Warden has a natural bond with the mortals she was that goes beyond her comprehension.


Name                                Cost              Type              Duration          Page

Aim-Calibrating Sensors 3m(1m) Supplemental Instant Alc 125
Fourth Stamina Augmentation 0m(1m) Permanent Permanent Alc 120 FAV
Optical Enhancement 0m(2m) Permanent Permanent Alc 158 FAV
Pain Suppression Nodes 0m(1m) Permanent Permanent Alc 133
Subcutaneous Armor Plating 0m(1m) Permanent Permanent Alc 134 FAV
Light-Etched Interceptor Barrier 4m Reflexive One Scene Alc 134 FAV
Fourth Wits Augmentation 0m(1m) Permanent Permanent Alc 120
Integrated Arsenal System 0m(0m) Permanent Permanent Alc 129 GEN (ICONIC)
Aura Dampening Component 0m(0m) Permanent Permanent Alc 157 FAV
Unconditional Imperative Programming 5m(1m) Reflexive Instant Alc 145
Emotive Aesthetics of the Body Electric(1m) Permanent Permanent Alc 151 FAV
Radiant Iconography Array — Permanent Permanent Alc 151 FAV
Second Charisma Augmentation 2m(1m) Reflexive Instant Alc 119 GEN
Sixth Dex Augmentation 0m(1m) Permanent Permanent Alc 120 GEN
Integrated Artifact Transmogrifier 5m(1m) Simple 3 Indefinite Alc 154 FAV
First Perception Augmentation 1m(1m) Permanent Permanent Alc 119 GEN
Husk-Sculpting Apparatus 6m,1wp(2m) Simple Indefinite Alc 155 FAV
Optical Shroud 3m(2m) Reflexive Indefinite Alc 156 FAV

Charm Choices: Subcutaneous Armor Plating (Subcutaneous), Integrated Arsenal System (1 straight sword, 1 hand crossbow), Sixth Dexterity Augmentation (Ranged)


Optical Enhancement
-Flash Shutters
-Cross-Phase Scanner
-Light-Intensification Filters
-Diagnostic Overlay
-Motion Tracking Targeting Glance

Husk-Sculpting Apparatus

Integrated Arsenal System
-Refinement of Excellence (On Hand Crossbow)
-Refinement of Perfection (On Hand Crossbow)
-Material Synthesis Wave Emitter (Jade) (On Hand Crossbow)

Emotive Aesthetics of the Body Electric
-Dormancy Emotive Upgrade

Light-Etched Interceptor Barrier
-Emergency Overcharger



Comp ●●●●o (Channels: 4/4)
Conv ●●●oo (Channels: 2/3)
Temp ●●ooo (Channels: 2/2)
Valo ●●ooo (Channels: 2/2)

Primary Virtue: Compassion

Clarity: oooooooooo

Social Combat

Willpower: ●●●●●●oooo

Temporary Willpower:  3

Join Debate: 6

Dodge Mental Defense Value: 5 (Willpower 6 + Integrity 2 + Essence 2)

Positive Intimacies: The Great Maker, Regulators, Populat, Yasuka, The Assembly

Negative Intimacies: The Void and Accompanying Heretics (OBLITERATE!)

Total Intimacies:  6

Physical Combat

Join Battle: 6

Dodge DV:  4 (Dex 4 + Dodge 1 + Ess 3)

Hardness:   0A/1L/2B (Charm 0A/1L/2B)

Soak:         0A/5L/9B (Natural 0A/3L/6B + Charm 0A/2L/3B)

Armored Soak: 6A/11L/13B (Jade Breastplate of the Defender +6A/6L/4B)

Health Levels:

Minus 0:[ ]
Minus 1:[ ][ ]
Minus 2:[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
Minus 4:[ ]
Incapac:[ ]
Dying :[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Name                 Acc Dmg PDV Rng Rt  Speed  Tags  Notes
Punch 5 3B 4 0 3 5 N -
Kick 4 6B 2 0 2 5 N -
Clinch 4 3B – 0 1 6 NCP -
Straight Sword 12 6L 6 0 2 4 – -
Generic MA 4+ ?B 3+ 0 ? 5? – -
Generic Melee 7+ ?B 4+ 0 ? 5? – -
Generic Sword 10+ ?L 5+ 0 ? ? -
Generic Thrown 4+ ?B 3+ 0 ? 5? – -
Generic Ranged 5+ ?B 3+ 0 ? 5? – -
Hand Crossbow 5 4L – 75 1 5 BP –
Integrated Crossbow 7 5L – 175 1 4 BP -
-Sixth Excellency 11 5L – 175 1 4 BP –


Anima Effects: Adds Essence to Bashing and Lethal Soak.

Essence: ●●●oo

Personal:    0/2/15 ((Essence x3=)9 + Willpower 6)

Peripheral: 31/38/41((Essence x5=)15 + (Willpowerx3) 18 + (Compassion 4 x2)8)
Installation Costs: 13

Committed: 1 to Elemental Core Amulet, 2 to Jade Breastplate of the Defender

Recovery: 1/hour normal, 5/hour relaxed, 9/hour resting.


Bonus Points: 18

Bonus Point Expenditures: 18

2 Melee Specialties (Swords +2)
War 2>3
Dodge 0>1
Integ 1>2
Sta 4>5
Pre 2>3
Per 2>3
Comp 3>4 (1 point)
Conv 2>3 (1 point)
WP 5>6 (1 point)

Total Experience: 102

Banked Experience: 12

Experience Expenditures: 90

Charms and Slots (42 XP)*
Dedicated Charm Slot (6) (24 XP)

Charm (3) (18 XP)
-First Perception Excellency
-Radiant Iconography Display
-Light-Etched Interceptor Barrier

Submodules (18 XP)
Motion Tracking Targeting Glance (1) (2 XP + 2 paid off with Optical Enhancement + 2 paid off with Submodule XP)
Dormancy Emotive Upgrade (4 XP)
Emergency Overcharge Submodule (3 XP)
Diagnostic Overlay (6 XP)
Self-Sculpt Submodule (3 XP)

Essence (18 xp)

Essence Rating 3 (18 XP)

Attributes (09 XP)

Appearance 4 (9 XP)

Abilities (3 XP)

Craft 0>1 (3 XP)

Paid for by starting 10 Submodule XP

Refinement of Excellence (3)
Refinement of Perfection (2)
Material Synthesis Wave Emitter (Jade) (3)
Motion Tracking Targeting Glance (2) (2 Experience of it’s total cost.)

Other Stuff

Magical Gear

Jade Breastplate of the Defender
Jade Elemental Core Amulet
Magnetic Metrocore

Mundane Gear

Integrated Chain Sword – (Straight Sword)
Speed 4, Acc +2, +3L, Def +1, Rate 2

Integrated Bolt Driver – (Hand Crossbow)
Speed 5, Acc +0, 4L, Range 75, Tags B

Custom Crunch


Custom Charms


Custom Procedures




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